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Indigo: Book 1

Louise Cooper

Anghara is daughter to a king. In all the world only one thing is denied to her--the secret of the Tower of Regrets. This ancient, mysterious structure is forbidden by law, and she knows she isn't allowed to enter it, but she cannot rest until she knows what it is. Finally, she sneaks away and learns, finally, why it is called the Tower of Regrets. Her discovery will reshape her world and her identity and saddle her with an enormous, sorrowful quest to restore what she has set free from the Tower.


Indigo: Book 2

Louise Cooper

Her title was the Princess Anghara Kaligsdaughter; but now she has forfeited the right to her name and heritage. For she broke the one law that had endured since her people's history began when she breached that ancient tower in a bid to learn to its secret. Now its curse is loosed upon the world, and upon the soul of Anghara Kaligsdaughter.

Anghara is Anghara no longer. Her name is now Indigo, color of mourning - and her home is the wide world, for she has no other. She cannot die, she cannot age, for until she lifts the Tower's curse, she is doomed to immortality. She has one friend, who is not human. And she has one enemy that will dog her footsteps wherever she goes. It is Nemesis, created from the darkest part of her own soul. Wherever her wanderings lead her now, her Nemesis will follow...


Indigo: Book 3

Louise Cooper

Her name is Indigo, the color of mourning--and her home is the wide world, for she has no other. Indigo cannot die or age--for until she destroys the demons she recklessly released from the Tower of Regrets, she is doomed to wander the world with no one but the telepathic wolf, Grimya, as a friend.


Indigo: Book 4

Louise Cooper

The Tower of Regrets is no more...and the wanderer Indigo has known but little peace. Her dreams are troubled ones, and her quest is far from done. A short time to heal the ragged tatters of her soul is all she asks.

And for awhile her prayers are answered. But Indigo's refuge is no more - for a malignant blight now covers the land, bleaching all life from within...threatening even those she has come to love.

And another of the demons that Indigo unleashed upon the world is at hand.


Indigo: Book 5

Louise Cooper

Indigo has lost all that she once held dear. Another family sits on the throne of her kingdom. And her lover Fenran suffers the torments of the demonworld. More than a century has passed since she last fought the demons she herself set loose. Her cause seems futile, her quest all but hopeless.

One glimmer of hope remains, in the magical lodestone given to Indigo by Earth's emissary. After long silence, it has given her a sign, pointing toward the cold and legendary North.

Indigo knows that she must follow the sign or else give up the struggle. But in the darkness of the North lie painful memories. The North is Fenran's country, and there she and her wolf-dog Grimya must confront that which she most fears.

Not only must immortal Indigo battle still another demon; to fight at all, she must confront the secrets of her heart.


Indigo: Book 6

Louise Cooper

On her eternal quest to rid the world of the evil she had unleashed upon it, the wayfarer Indigo has been many things: penitent, messenger, pilgrim.

And perhaps now an avatar for the dead?

For Indigo's journey has lead her to the Dark Isles, where a cult of death has ensnared her and her companion Grimya...and the demon she has so long sought is now at hand.

Can courage alone be enough to dance with the Queen of the Dead?


Indigo: Book 7

Louise Cooper

A town without pity. Or humor. Or joy of any kind.

The villagers of Joyful Travail are as cold as their stone dwellings - not a smile is seen, a joke told...or a child's laugh heard. Property, wealth, and only those things that will further the avarice of the townspeople are all that matters - and anyone who sees that which could bring joy back to the world is deemed a halfwit...or worse. As the immortal Indigo and her wolf companion Grimya struggle against the sadness that seems to surround these dire folk, one fact becomes crystal clear.

There is happiness to be found in Joyful Travail...but will Indigo have to destroy all who live in the village to truly set them free?


Indigo: Book 8

Louise Cooper

Seeking an end to her roaming, the woman called Indigo returns home to the Southern Isles, hoping against hope that Fenran, her long-lost love, still lives. But when a fateful shipwreck deprives her of her memory, her quest goes awry, and the last demon of the Tower of Regrets rises again to tempt her into evil. Only the aisling - the magical tune of an ancient, enchanted harp, has the power to free her from the ancient curse that binds her.