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Philip E. High

Reality Forbidden / Contraband From Otherspace

Ace Double G-Series: Book 609

A. Bertram Chandler
Philip E. High

Contraband From Otherspace

A deadly cargo that threatens to sheer through the fabric of reality, like a knife through soft butter.

Reality Forbidden

If wishes would only come true... how often has every human being thought that? How wonderful life would be if only we could have everything we ever dreamed of!

But the man who invented the dream-machine turned out to be the worst enemy humanity ever encountered! The dream became as real as the reality--and yet remained a figment of the imagination. And thereby the very foundations of civilization were undermined. Why strive--when you could get it all without effort?

Reality Forbidden is the unusual novel of that came afterwards. Of the world in which on the most rigid of terror kept the cities standing, and of the man who dared escape that world, to find the last place on earth where dreaming was not prohibited, and where one could not only have one's cake, but eat it as well!

These Savage Futurians / The Double Invaders

Ace Double G-Series: Book 623

Philip E. High
John Rackham

These Savage Futurians

Don't think new thoughts, don't improve anything, don't wander over the next hill.... These were the commandments for the men and women of the experimental village - one of those carefully nurtured settlements established after the collapse of world civilization.

The rules were made by the benevolent Masters of the Island - and they had to be obeyed. To disobey was to be destroyed. But Robert Ventnor, villager with a dangerous high quotient of curiosity, was the exception. He fled - and evaded liquidation.

But he fled right into the hands of These Savage Futurians and thereby supplied the key that could blast apart civilization's second chance and destroy the world once and for all.

The Double Invaders

The invasion of Scarta in the all-powerful name of the Space Empire of Zorgan was on. Everything went as predicted. The cities were taken, there was no opposing spacefleet. And yet everything went wrong.

For Scarta was a planet different from any other the arrogant Earthmen had invaded. Its peaceful people were tougher, its unarmed cities more impregnable, and its blue skies less placid than any world had any right to be.

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