The Jewels of Aptor

Samuel R. Delany
The Jewels of Aptor Cover

The Jewels of Aptor


After the characters are introduced, the chapters feel very episodic - mostly self contained, but adding a little more information to the world. The last two chapters shatter this in a finale that brings all the knowledge together. With a few caveats, this would make a good sci-fi TV series.

Those caveats? This is post apocalyptic (atomic "big fire" war 1500 years previous) and some civilization has recovered. A certain elite group has some electronics - left over? Not well described. Without spoilers, I can say that the final reveal rubs me the wrong way.

This is Samuel R. Delaney's first novel. Geo (the poet) is likely his alter-ego here, and it is through his experience that much of the novel takes place. 3 1/3 stars (closer to "liked" than "really liked").