Majipoor Chronicles

Robert Silverberg
Majipoor Chronicles Cover

Majipoor Chronicles


This is a collection of ten stories and novelettes that take place in the nine thousand year history of the planet Majipoor. Before reading this I had read Lord Valentine's Castle. Majipoor Chronicles would be a good precursor to that novel, though I think it is listed as the second in the series. It helps us understand the culture of Majipoor. The final story is about Valentine, before his great adventure in Lord Valentine's Castle. I believe that all of these stories were written over a long period of time and then collected in this volume with an intertwining story that actually takes place after the events of Lord Valentine's Castle.

I noticed an interesting thing in at least three of these stories. A person is wronged and yet there is no grudge, no wish for revenge, and the story ends with the wrongdoer having been forgiven.

Robert Silverberg has become a favored science fiction author of mine, although this volume is not my favorite of his. His writing, especially about Majipoor, puts me in mind of Ursula K. Le Guin.