A Clockwork Orange

Anthony Burgess
A Clockwork Orange Cover

Glad to get my rookers on this one...


Was glad to get my rookers on this one. I mostly stayed on my sharries while my glazzies fair ate it up like a tasty bit of kleb with some jammiwam. It's a dobby raskazz with a dorogoy message. The Nadsat is a bit of a rabbit to wrap one's gulliver around. At first it near drove me bezoomy but after a raz I began to pony it better. There's a fair amount of the ultra-violence and plenty of the red, red krovvy being plesked round. There's even a few smecks & guffs for those who enjoy that type of vesch. I'm going to itty off to viddy the sinny of this now.

Ok, so once you get past the weird made-up language, you will find a timeless and disturbing classic. You don't really need the glossary of made-up words too much. If you just go with the stream-of-consciousness delivery, the gist of the story can be gleaned by the context. Definitely a book to be read more than once.