Tailchaser's Song

Tad Williams
Tailchaser's Song Cover

Tailchaser's Song


Tailchaser's Song is about a cat, Tailchaser who starts out with the simple goal of finding Hushpad, his disappeared companion, and ends up being involved with the saving of all cat-kind.

I've had the goal for a while of finding the perfect cat book and this one, while not achieving apothMEOWsis, is still really good. I appreciated that the cats behaved like cats, with human words and motivations added to them, but with little unnatural behavior. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the disdain that cat books seem to have for house cats, first, because I love my house cats, and second because my house cats don't seem to mind it at all.

I loved Tailchaser as a character along with the others. I like the role that prophecy had in the story, with it neither completely dominating the plot nor being ignored.

Overall, a solid fatnasy book that I'd recommend to any fantasy reader for which reading a book entirely populated by animals wouldn't be torture.