Zenna Henderson
Pilgrimage Cover

Pilgrimage: The Book of the People


A series of short stories set in the same world and a connecting story outside them all. Most of the stories are excellent, but the last is not as strong and the connecting thread remains unresolved. Perhaps this tale continues in the second volume The People: No Different Flesh. Each of the episodes would stand alone, and each contains a little more about The People than the previous entries. Each has a slight religious overtone, though no overt discussion of or comparison to any earthly religion ever occurs. Has many similarities to Escape to Witch Mountain.

The only other Zenna Henderson I read was more than 30 years ago, The Anything Box. Pilgrimage was chosen on a list of Defining Books of the 60s, and is also included in Ian Sales list of Mistressworks. For me, this was a solid 4 stars.