Tooth and Claw

Jo Walton
Tooth and Claw Cover

Tooth and Claw


I really enjoyed this book. I had heard it was basically a Jane Austen-ish book with dragons instead of people, and that's exactly what it is. (Well, technically it's Trollope, rather than Austen, according to the foreword, but I don't think I've read any Trollope.

This comparison had made me wonder if there was really anything more to it than that; whether just knowing the concept was enough to save me the bother of reading it. As it is, you get attached to the characters and interested in their plight. The Victorian drama of court cases, and finding husbands, and potential disgrace is enough to keep the pages turning, once it gets up a head of steam, and the fact that they are all dragons just adds an extra layer of oddness, with some very different social mores.

Good fun. 4/5