In Enemy Hands

David Weber
In Enemy Hands Cover

In Enemy Hands

Sable Aradia

This novel was excellent and hard to read. It was hard to read because most of it follows the story of Honor Harrington and her crew as prisoners of the People's Republic of Haven, the enemy space empire, and Weber pulls no punches with the reality of a prisoner of war. Military fiction in the strictest sense, a lot of it also centers around ethical dilemmas facing soldiers of opposing navies and I really enjoy such things because for me, a story is all about the characters and how they react to things.

The series of events that lead to the novel's conclusion are highly improbable at best and they somewhat stretch the suspension of disbelief if one is critical of plot points. However, I was still on the edge of my seat. Weber writes fabulous action. And also, this book, unlike many of his others, was refreshingly free of infodumps (mostly).

I doubt you would enjoy this novel as much if you haven't read the rest of the series, however. A lot depends on previously established characters and relationships. You can still enjoy it, but many of the subtleties will be missed.

However, highly recommended and it might just be the best book in this series aside from Honor of the Queen.