Odd Thomas

Dean Koontz
Odd Thomas Cover

Odd Thomas


WWE has this classified as Horror; I'd put it in the Fantasy genre.

Odd Thomas is a small town 20-year-old who sees dead people, (a la Sixth Sense.) Elvis is an occasional companion. He also sees shadowy demonic shades and has a Psychic Magnetism that helps him locate people. And, he has clairvoyant dreams.

The story is a murder mystery. With his special abilities he helps the police chief, who invents cover stories to keep Odd's psychic talents from becoming general knowledge. Odd has a recurring dream of a mass killing. He tracks the killers along a circuitous path and eventually saves the day by interrupting the bad guys before they can complete their dastardly Satanic deed. There is an unexpected and sad twist at the end.

It's an entertaining read, but not ecstatically so.

I was glad when the narrator of the audiobook pronounced the word 'gibbous' correctly. I had heard it mispronounced in two other recent audiobooks. And then he went and said 'realitor' and 'nuculer'. Irk!