The Body Snatchers

Jack Finney
The Body Snatchers Cover

The Body Snatchers aka The Invasion of the Body Snatchers


I have seen all the movies. It was time to read the novel. I was both excited by this novel and disappointed by the ending. I now see why each movie has a different ending and none of them match the novels. Jack Finney was able to keep an tense pace going in what was basically a 200 page extended chase scene. It was a tad nonsensical from a biological standpoint what happened to the human bodies after "conversion" but that was a minor point and at least Mr. Finney tried to address it. I also liked the blatant self promoting of his other novel Time and Again, although that must have been an addition in a later edition of the novel as that work did not come out until 1970. Over all a classic that I am glad I have finally read.