Jeff VanderMeer
Acceptance Cover

Why I Put It Off and Why You Shouldn't


I put off reading Acceptance after having read Annihilation and Authority fairly quickly in a row. It was that Authority left off on such a great cliffhanger and, yet, Acceptance looked pretty thick and I loved the slowness of Authority and if the entirity of Acceptance was the Ghostbird/Control adventure I wasn't sure that it would hold my attention the entire time. ...So I will save you the misconception if you have been putting it off for the same reason (and I hope this isn't too spoilery): Acceptance is only about 1/3 moving forward with Ghostbird/Control and spends its other 2/3 filling in the history and creation of Area X from the perspectives of Saul the Lighthouse Keeper and Gloria the Director. In other words, it fills in the parts of the story that I was ok being left unsaid but were very satisfying and engaging.

Also, despite not getting a play-by-play I didn't feel like that many questions were left unanswered.