The Goblin Emperor

Katherine Addison
The Goblin Emperor Cover

The Goblin Emperor


First, I can not imagine enjoying this book in print as much as I enjoyed it in audiobook. This is the type of fantasy book that does not shy away from complicated place and person names (and titles). I understand that there is a pronunciation guide at the back of the print book, but Kyle McCarley has such flawless and unhesitating diction that the unfamiliar words were not a stumbling block to enjoyment.

The story revolves around Maia, the half-goblin long-relegated son of the elven emperor. When a terrible accident kills most of those in line for the thrown, Maia becomes emperor. We tag along as he navigates the complicated world of court and shakes things up by just being considerate, sincere, and clever.

I hope there are more books in this series, because I want to spend more time with Maia and watch as his kingdom evolves.