Julian Comstock

Robert Charles Wilson
Julian Comstock Cover

Julian Comstock: A Story of 22nd-Century America


I wasn't sure I'd enjoy this, based on the synopsis, but I really did

This is very different from the other books I've read by this author, which tend to be much more futuristic science-fiction.

This is a Kiplingesque adventure story of the rise and fall of a national hero and political leader, in an alternate-history, steampunky, future United States. The America envisioned in this story is, unfortunately, all too plausible, based on past and current events.

This novel is well-written and absorbing -- but may, perhaps, hit a little too close to home with some people (as it did with me), for its far-too-close similarities to the current political and religious environment in the U.S.

I would definitely recommend this book, especially for fans of steampunk and/or alternate history.