Marissa Meyer
Scarlet Cover



For me Scarlet had everything Cinder lacked, that extra magic, the sparkle of chemistry between the two characters, the betrayal. Everything. It also did it much better, in my opinion. Or maybe I just love Scarlet and Wolf more than Cinder and Kai, who knows?

Scarlet's story hooked me in much quicker than Cinder's did, and I was warming to her within a couple pages which is extremely rare for me. One of the main things I liked was that we were introduced to the love interest in the first chapter. No building up to it, no waiting around wondering, nothing dragged out. It was awesome. I was so gripped by their story that I read it in two days. I liked Cinder and Thorne's parts too, and was happy to see the return of Iko, but there was something just gripping and enchanting about Scarlet and Wolf. Possibly it's because I LOVE little red cap.

I LOVE the characters in this book. I love Scarlet because she's so determined to find her grandmother and she will not back down for anything. I love Wolf because he's so timid yet vicious and I like how quickly he can flip between the two. Mood swings bro, I getchu. I also loved them together, from the first moment, even without the instalove, even when they were pretty wary of each other. This book is a miracle, basically.

And it broke my heart. Several times. And I'm on the rampage, so I need a tiny break before I read Cress and run out of this series for a whole fricking year. (That release date for Winter's gotta be wrong, right? right???) I am SO not ready for my bb Kai being manipulated, oh hell no.

To sum: HELL YES.

(I was so tempted to give this book the favourites badge, and I probably would had it been just Scarlet and Wolf, but Cinder kinda flattened this book the slightest bit.)