The Rise of Endymion

Dan Simmons
The Rise of Endymion Cover

The Rise of Endymion


I was eager to finish the story started in Hyperion, and while I had to splurge to do it (the library did not carry it, so I actually had to pay for this one), I was somewhat disappointed with the finale.

Don't get me wrong: Dan Simmons did not fail to provide a great story. He filled in the blanks, answered the questions, and completed the circle. But unlike the previous three, which i enjoyed immensely, this one seemed to ramble. Information dumps were all over the place, and at times I felt bogged down as one character or another explained everything...and I do mean "everything." The story is epic, and with the vast scope introduced, but hardly fathomed, in Hyperion a lot had to be explained. While the previous three seemed to flow the information with the plot, leaving morsels of details along the way, this one left large dumps of information in long passages of dialogue. I felt myself asking: who really talks this way?

That said, this did finish the story, and it did finish it satisfyingly.