The Pirate's Wish

Cassandra Rose Clarke
The Pirate's Wish Cover

The Pirate's Wish


I went straight into this after finishing the first book, The Assassin's Curse, because I loved it just that much, and needed more. I still need more.

Ananna and Naji continued to break my heart and kick ass, and Marjana only grew in my heart the more I read about her (Ladies who like ladies represent!!) But by far the character who stole the show was Ongraygeomyrn. Manticore of my heart. I'm begging for a series entirely from her point of view. I'm sure she has some exciting adventures. I also loved the ending and the third impossible task - I won't say anything explicitly since I try to avoid major spoilers but just ... SHARKS!!

I especially loved Ananna being of high rank aboard her ship, and Naji realising he has feelings for her (finally!) The world building and writing was as colourful and bright and delightful as in the first book and I am just falling head over heels for this author. I wish I had time in my schedule to read her other books, but I'm gonna read the short stories and hope that sates my craving (doubt it.)

I laughed, I sobbed, I screamed at my e-reader. I went through every emotion possible in the 330 pages of this book. I adore literally everything and I'm going to be talking about this series for a long time. This story is one that's burrowed into my heart.

I cannot recommend this series enough. Wonderful multifaceted characters, an original voice, my favourite fantasy world to date, and a story bound to capture the heart of every reader.