Kameron Hurley
Rapture Cover



A satisfying conclusion to a dark, but compelling, trilogy

Note: Some books which are part of a series can be read as standalone novels. However, to truly enjoy this book, I would recommend first having read its predecessors, God's War and Infidel.

The story picks up 6 years after the events of Infidel. The centuries-long war between Nasheen and Chenja is finally over -- but Nasheen is now overrun with thousands of restless and angry young men returned from the front with nowhere to go, and no way to make a living or even survive in what has long since became a matriarchal society. Unable to adjust to the massive changes in its demographics and already-dire economy, Nasheen is on the brink of civil war. When the man regarded as the young mens' leader is kidnapped, Nyx and her second-rate bounty-hunting team are hired to retrieve him before he is killed and his martyrdom lights the fuse on a rebellion ready to explode.

Once again, Nyx must scrape together a team for an impossible mission -- but she's also been saddled with a couple of Bel Dame escorts who are definitely spies and who almost certainly have their own agenda, which may not include the survival of Nyx and her associates...

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