King of Thorns

Mark Lawrence
King of Thorns Cover

King of Thorns


It's now been four long years since King Jorg of Renar got his revenge on his mother's and brother's murderer, and after consolidating his rule over the Renar Highlands, he can now turn his attention to his main goal of becoming Emperor of the Broken Empire.

"A dark time comes. My time. If it offends you. Stop me."

That is, he could if he weren't staring down the pointy end of the Prince of Arrow's army, twenty thousand strong as it marched for his head. Seems the Prince of Arrow took him up on those words. Talk about a wedding gift. For Jorg to become Emperor, he first has to remain King, and for him to do so, when he has to fight a battle where he's outnumbered twenty to one, is going to take every ace in the hole he has. They say when you corner a wild animal is when it is at its most dangerous. They're right.

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