Time and Again

Jack Finney
Time and Again Cover

A Good Time Travel Fantasy

Deven Science

I picked up this novel, wondering how time travel could be considered fantasy, but it is.

Simon Morley is an ordinary man approached to join a secret government project. Only after he agrees do they reveal their intent, to send people with the right disposition back in time.

The method of time travel is very similar to the movie "Somewhere in Time," starring Christopher Reeve. If you surround yourself in objects of the area, and are able to convince yourself that you are there, then you are. Since the book is 10 years older, I'll assume that there was some influence on the movie.

The writer likes to take his time, and describe the scenes in every detail. It makes each setting very vivid, if also a bit long. The close it got to the end, the more it sucked me up into it, and I finished it that much faster.

A good novel, that ended strong. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars.