The Eye of the World

Robert Jordan
The Eye of the World Cover

The Eye of the World - Robert Jordan


The Eye of the World is not the best Wheel of Time book in my opinion, but it is the beginning of an epic journey. A journey that, despite all the criticism of Jordan's later books, is still one of the biggest achievements in modern fantasy. After half a dozen reads this book doesn't bore me and I very much doubt it will after half a dozen more. All things considered it is remarkable how this book, that uses a lot of standard fantasy themes and has a few flaws in the writing, grew to be so popular. I think the of the scope of Jordan's vision has something to with that. This book makes it clear there is a lot more to discover, this sense of anticipation appeals to me, and most likely to a lot of other people as well. Even though I have read and reread the entire series, I still look forward to watching the story unfold again.

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