Robin McKinley
Sunshine Cover



Dang, I got SOOOOOO sucked into this book it was embarrassing. :S

I set my kids up with cereal, snacks, ramen noodles, popcorn and movies so they wouldn't interrupt me and read for a straight day, I was so entranced..... isnt that terrible? lol

Sunshine (Rae) is a baker at her stepdads coffee house and completely satisfied with that. Until she is kidnapped by vampires that is. By using her almost forgotten magical talents and with the assistance of a vampire hostage, she escapes and hopes to go back to her life. But fate is never that easy, is it?

Of course there is some backlash, and now that she has saved a vampires life they have an odd bond. The story takes interesting twists and turns, and generally worldbuilds into a fantastic take on vampire attraction.

Two issues I had lowered this to a 4 star rating: 1) the totally implauible scene where Sunshine lights some candles and incense and thinks about Constantine and is suddenly transported into his lair. naked.

That scene just threw things off for me.

2) was the large info dumps. I found myself literaly skipping ten page segments to get back to the story.

But the characters and the worldbuilding were wonderful.The magic system fantastic-I especially liked how Sunshine was attuned to daylight, creating perfect anti-vamp magic.

But holy loose ends!I vainly looked for a sequel, just to find out what happened to everyone! I want to know! ugh