Oryx and Crake

Margaret Atwood
Oryx and Crake Cover

Oryx and Crake


This is a beautifully written book and brilliant, but first things first I have to say....what...the...fuck.

To leave a book in a practically half sentence of something finally possibly coming to a point of knowledge that wasn't already heavily heavily implied before hand would have been fantastic. But no, that is cut short very quick with a THE END.

I enjoyed this book thoroughly once I was able to get past the first 10% of the book. The beginning I found nothing to really grab into the story of any interest and characters that were lacking most of everything that would make me want to like them in any real way. This isn't to say they were written badly or the story was lacking. These were just not good people, but in Atwood's book: no one is. Not only, not good, but not good in a way that seems to leave a tangible greasy feeling. At the same time I found the things going on compelling me to find out what was going on.

From the very beginning nearly we have learned a few definitive things and are fairly obviously pointed in the directions of what happened, how it happened, duh don't you see this coming land. What isn't answered, and still isn't, are the why's.

I've already cracked open number 2 and I'm ready to go but man I hope she's a little less Lost in her expositiion this time around. Fun reading