Monsters of Men

Patrick Ness
Monsters of Men Cover

Good End for an Interesting YA Series


Monsters of Men was, in the end, my favorite of the Chaos Walking series. I have no doubt that the inclusion of 1017/The Return as a viewpoint narrator was a major contributor to my enjoyment. I found the new viewpoint really refreshing, and I loved reading about how the Land/Spackle perceived and interacted with the world. The other narrators, Todd and Viola, have grown up a lot throughout this series, but I find that I am not very fond of the people they have become.

Ness raises many moral questions, some of which he attempts to answer, and some of which are left to the reader to ponder. I disagreed with a lot of the conclusions drawn, most particularly in the case of Todd Hewitt's innate innocence. All the same, I admire Ness for bringing up a lot of thought-provoking ideas on some tough subjects.

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