Fool's War

Sarah Zettel
Fool's War Cover

Didn't Work for Me


I'm going to pass on this one. Made it to page 100, and still the book totally failed to hold my attention.

I did like the captain, though. Al Shei is a practicing Muslim, and she even wears a <i>niqab</i>&emdash;and yet she's captain of a starship. How cool is that? The book kept hammering the point that she wore the <i>hijab</i> early on, but it eventually got over it. She's a wonderful character, a totally different captain from the usual slew of alpha males given to captaining starships in SF.

But, well, other than that, the book didn't work for me. I found the very idea of a ship's fool to be ridiculous, for instance, and even though everyone seems to find Dobbs hilarious, I found her jokes stupid and pointless. The other characters lacked the flair and appeal of Al Shei, for sure.

Ah well. Can't enjoy them all, I guess.