Kurt Vonnegut
Galapagos Cover



Here is a book that I enjoyed, but it wasn't a five star book for me. It wasn't the best novel of evolutionary cataclysm, it wasn't the best Kurt Vonnegut - but it was pretty good. This review doesn't do it justice, but then I wasn't going to write the Beethoven's Ninth Symphony anyway.

While reading this, I found myself wondering if a linear novella could replace the narrative here, then realized it wouldn't make the best of stories. I felt some frustration at the narrative jumps, far more cleanly done in Slaughterhouse Five. I really disliked the overabundance of quotes in the last half of the novel, but at least they weren't all by Lazarus Long.

Am I glad I read it? Yes. I will continue to read Kurt Vonnegut off and on, and reread Cat's Cradle sometime soon (my first impression was five star).