The Killing Moon

N. K. Jemisin
The Killing Moon Cover

The Killing Moon


I am feeling a bit sorry for N. K. Jemisin as I write this. Not only does she have to put up with my first ever review, but I have to tell her that I really didn't like her book. I got to page 83, so I think I gave it a fair shot but I ought to explain why I had to give it up.

I like the concept. I really like the concept. To be honest, there wasn't really much wrong with the execution either. It's well written, it doesn't jump about excessively and it's easy to read. I just didn't get the characterisation. I couldn't get excited over Ehiru's quandry. I couldn't be bothered to find out how our Apprentice gets on with his studies to the extent that I've forgotten his name. I don't understand the Prince though I have a feeling that if I had persevered I would have found more to like about him and his individual story.

I'm saying "like" but actually all the characters are pretty likeable in their own ways, they're just not interesting. Perhaps that's the heart of the problem. I can't find anything interesting in the book to make we want to pick it up again.

So, apologies to the author. Perhaps there's another book out there that IS for me. It's just not this particular one.