Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons
Watchmen Cover



I have never read graphical novels before, I never really knew the difference between comics and graphical novels. I have wanted to get into it, and when I saw a complete Watchmen paperback for sale, I just grabbed it. I know it was there because of the movie, but I have not seen the movie, so this was really my first exposure to Watchmen.

I was immediately taken with it. The story is great, and the graphics provide a background and a background story that completes the story (for example the Pirate Ship story that one character is reading). I found it all so clever, so wonderful. One thing to keep in mind however, is that this book was written/created in 1985, when the cold war was still a reality. Keeping this in mind makes the story a bit more logical.

The only reservation I had is that the ending is not in the style of the story, it is a bit of a let down. However, when you start reflecting, the ending is perfect, and it actually adds a whole new perspective. This book definitely warrants a reread, where I know I'll discover all kinds of new things about this book.