Unbury Carol

Josh Malerman
Unbury Carol Cover

Unbury Carol


I think I had a good introduction to the genre of westerns from a up and coming new favorite writer of mine Josh Malerman. Unbury Carol is a tale about love, gunslinging, and a little bit of magic. An adventure to gobble up in a few days, with mystery's lining the way for you to speculate about.

From my description it doesn't like anything otherworldly, but a few key details make it stand out.

Firstly, the villains of this tale are marvelous. I think my favorite perspective to be in was Smokes, who will reign high in my all-time villain list. He's wicked to the bone, and sometimes that's all a horror reader wants to read. Rot wasn't quite as good, but still creepy and interesting. I'm not as much a paranormal guy, but Rot definitely played his part, his motivation to hate Carol never really makes sense though.

Secondly, I think the way Malerman spices all of his novels makes them stand out. Carols condition, The Trail, his host of new and different characters, and Rot all make this book like nothing else out there. The creative juices put into his novels are close to the best I've ever read and I'm so here for it.

If anyone reading this hasn't read Malerman, give him a shot at least if you're at all into horror, or just really good books.