Unbury Carol

Josh Malerman
Unbury Carol Cover

Unbury Carol


I really liked this book. It absolutely refuses to be classified or categorized.

Is it Horror? Yes, and then again no. There are some subtle, horror aspects to the story, but not much.

Is it a western? Yes..... but then again no. There are some weird western aspects to it, but only some.

There is magic, but is there really? I'm still not sure.

What I do know is it is a heck of an adventure. From the moment our protagonist falls into her death-like coma, and her maid telegraphs James Moxie there is excitement and adventure up and down "The Trail."

I would like to talk about "The Trail." This story is obviously set in an alternate reality. It appears to be set in what would be equivalent to our early 1800's. It is funny that I don't remember any talk of trains or dirigibles or any of that sort of steam punk paraphernalia. But there is a man named Smoke with metal legs the seems to be operated with oil in some mechanism. Smoke felt steampunk to me, but this is also not a steampunk novel. Anyway, I digress. The Trail itself is a character and there seems to be something a little mystical about it. The world building is very good as far as it goes.

I would very much like to read more stories about "The Trail."