Beggars In Spain

Nancy Kress
Beggars In Spain Cover

I Was Disappointed...


Beggars in Spain brings up a lot of interesting questions about what effects designer super-babies would have on society. The plot stretches over a large amount of time, so there are many characters introduced. Unfortunately, the characters seemed mostly flat and unconvincing, and the antagonists were particularly over the top. The properties of the Sleepless made them seem like an exercise in wish fulfillment (they have immortality, eternal youth, beauty, intelligence, money, health...), and the main character, Leisha Camden, felt especially like a Mary Sue. Given their extreme level of privilege, it was very hard to credit the Sleepless claims of being terribly oppressed. While I felt that the second half of the story was an improvement over the first, my ultimate impression of the novel was one of disappointment.

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