On Stranger Tides

Tim Powers
On Stranger Tides Cover

On Stranger Tides


Shiver me timbers! Exactly 20 years after the Disneyland attraction Pirates of the Caribbean opened, Tim Powers' fantasy masterpiece inspired by the ride was published, and what a TRULY wild ride it is! Forget about the film series that pillaged and plundered Powers' ideas, because ON STRANGER TIDES is the real deal - straight rum to their watered-down grog.

You'll follow our protagonist, John Chandagnac, on his voyage from life as a landlubber puppeteer to becoming the saltiest, swashbuckling, voodoo-weilding sea captain since Blackbeard himself. Powers takes you through ghost infested jungles, thunderous sea battles, and classic pirate locales like Haiti, Jamaica, Charles Town and everywhere in between. Batten down the hatches for this hurricane of a tale!