Tara Sim
Chainbreaker Cover



Better than the first book, but absolutely a middle book - ends with an unresolved cliffhanger. Dove straight into the third book to resolve this interesting world the author created.

The world building was the aspect I liked most about the first book, and here things are expanded and previous notions broken. The author uses the historical events of Victorian India to add more conflict to that of the first book. Who is right, and is it okay to kill to achieve the goals? Each of the many characters has their own direction - including new mysterious interlopers.

My favorite character from the first book got just a few pages :( but I liked seeing Daphne get more pages, more fleshing out. I liked the new characters, but wanted to see more of how India's Timekeeper's differed from England. The two main characters from the first book were separated for nearly all of this book, with the story switching between their points of view (and others) - and I felt the book suffered some for that. I look forward to seeing all the plots combined in the final book.