The High King

Lloyd Alexander
The High King Cover

The High King


Wow! The perfect end to a series, and an excellent tale besides. Good vs Evil, a reunion of even minor characters from earlier books, strategies and battles - and a reluctant prognosticating pig.

Without spoiling anything, I really enjoyed the return of earlier characters, some completely unexpected. Taran becomes the hero that the reader always knew he was destined to be.

Next the series - I think the fourth book is the strongest of the series, but this is a close second. It is also the longest book, more than 300 pages. The entire series could fit into one of the mammoth books that exist in series today - and I'll wager this has more and better content. Of all the series I've read, I believe this one has the highest rating as a series.

Yes, these books were for kids, but the fantasy is wonderful. I heartily recommend these to kids - or anyone who is a kid at heart.