Time and Again

Clifford D. Simak
Time and Again Cover

Time and Again - Originally, Time Quarry


If you've ever wondered what might have inspired Philip K. Dick to write "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?", then you may find your answer here. The themes of personhood and identity, the definining central character, the battle between humans and androids, and others similar to Dick's are all here.

Mixed in with these is time travel, immortality and alien encounters. This adds up to a complex and heady stew of ideas, conundra and challenges for the protagonist as well as others he meets.

Unfortunately, the topics of identity melding, physical change from alien forces, and magnified powers that result, are not well developed, and left to linger largely unexplored and unexplained when the story concludes.

Still, a story worthy of reading for the quality of the prose as well as the ideas explored.