Darkship Thieves

Sarah A. Hoyt
Darkship Thieves Cover

Darkship Thieves


(If I knew this author was a key person in the Sad Puppies voting campaign I would not have picked this book, but as it is I won't be supporting this author in the future.)

The plot with the "Mules" was entertaining, even if the reader mostly gets 'told' the key aspects of it.

***Spoiler Allert***

The heroine was very much a Mary Sue and Kit,the one dimensional love interest, had a weird backstory where he had a quarrel which resulted in his ex-wife suicide, but that was quickly forgiven and forgotten once he got involved with the 'perfect' Mary Sue style heroine. (I hate stories where it's implied that there aren't guys who fail at a relationship but only guys with the "wrong" woman as a partner, and that once they get a subservient and young new partner their relationship will be then without any issues.)

The villain was very one dimensional too and had a very unbelievable "let's dominate the world" plan.

I won't be continuing the series.