Mammoths of the Great Plains

Eleanor Arnason
Mammoths of the Great Plains Cover

Mammoths of the Great Plains


Is there a rule about reviewing novelettes that I wouldn't/couldn't/shouldn't even finish reading?

If so, guilty, as charged, your honour. Guilty - with an explanation, may it please the court. It was Eleanor Arnasson, and I (just about) never enjoy Eleanor Arnasson.

Perhaps this was supposed to be humourous????????

But I do hope I didn't unduly influence your reading plans.

My rating system starts with a rating of one star for a story/novel that I ranked "C -". Ratings move up 1/2 star with each step, up to 5 stars (equivalent to a ranking of A+). I reserve 1/2 star for works rated D and lower. In this case, much much lower.