A Door into Ocean

Joan Slonczewski
A Door into Ocean Cover

A Door into Ocean


I've read a lot of books featuring a women's utopia or dystopia. They've ranged from mediocre to great. This is one of the great ones. It has tremendous world-building, a complex plot, and tackles themes like saving the environment, non-violent existence, and passive resistance. It takes place on Shora, an ocean planet. The women living on the planet have a purple tint, are hairless, and reproduce parthenogenically. They live on "rafts," large floating platforms, and interact with the sea creatures in mysterious ways. Shora is about to be invaded by the Patriarchy, an empire that controls all the people-bearing planets in the galactic neighborhood. Their quandary is how to fight off the Patriarchy while sticking to their peace-loving culture. This book was published before the major LGBTQ book awards came into being, but it did win the Campbell award for Science Fiction in 1987.

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