Marissa Meyer
Winter Cover

Too long, and Everybody's an Idiot

Deven Science

I realize I'm not a 12 year old girl, which is who this was targeted towards, so I can forgive the fact that every female character trips over themselves every time the boy they like smirks at them. I was once a young-ish boy, and I raised two boys, so I happen to know that boys are not at all charming, and are, in fact, morons, but let's set that aside.

This book is too long. Like, 50% too long. Yes, that much. We get into a scene, and there are enough signals to know where it's going, and then it just. Won't. Get there. It was so frustrating. It doesn't help that all of the main characters have an IQ of 70, so that they are constantly doing the TV sitcom thing wherein they misread whatever situation is going on, and react in a way that makes things worse. But they did that a hundred and forty-six times throughout the series.

I borrowed the series from the library, and so I kept going through them, both because they held JUST enough interest to start the next one, and because they were free to read. But this one... does not get a passing score.