Witches Abroad

Terry Pratchett
Witches Abroad Cover

Witches Abroad


Witches Abroad opens with a death. Desiderata Hollow, witch and fairy godmother, bequeaths her magic wand to Magrat Garlik before she passes on to the undiscovered country. This leads to Magrat becoming fairy godmother to Emberella, a young woman who lives in the land of Genua, far across the Disc. Now responsible for young Emberella, Magrat must journey to Genua and help her get out of an impending, unwanted wedding. Not trusting Magrat with the responsibility of her new role or her new wand, Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg insist on accompanying her abroad


I have enjoyed each of the Discworld books that feature the witches and this is no exception. Witches Abroad is so much more than a satire of Cinderella. Like all of his best stories, if you look a little deeper beyond the surface of the comedy you will find rich nuggets of wisdom. Pratchett deconstructs fairy tales as a way of both exploring the power of stories and commenting on the freedom of choice we need as people. We desire a happy life but we don't want to be made to live happily ever after. If we have no say in how the story goes, how can we truly enjoy it?

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