Mira Grant
Deadline Cover

Middle Book Syndrome?


I started reading Deadline with high expectations, but I don't think that it ultimately lived up to the standard set by Feed, the initial book of the Newsflesh Trilogy. Grant's post-Rising world was still fascinating, and I enjoyed learning more about both the zombie virus and other aspects of society. However, the new cast of characters didn't seem to be as fully realized, and I found Shaun to be a much less sympathetic narrator. I had some issues with both structure and content of the plot, which seem to arise from a bad case of 'middle book syndrome'. Certain plot twists do not seem to relate significantly to the rest of the story, and too many characters seem to show up solely for info-dump purposes. Deadline also seems to continue Feed's problem of one-dimensional, stereotypical villains, with all the absurd plots and schemes that typically entails. With all that said, I'm still looking forward to reading the final installment, Blackout, next year. I still want to know how the story ends, and I remain hopeful that everything will eventually tie together satisfactorily.

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