Immortality, Inc.

Robert Sheckley
Immortality, Inc. Cover

Immortality, Inc.


Originally serialized as Time Killer, this is Robert Sheckley's first novel. Making the assumption that there is something after life, he looks at how society changes, from suicide booths to legalized person hunts. Very influential to the television show Futurama, and loosely so to a movie called Freejack.

The exploration of future society is good, and the characters are interesting. One key part of the plot, the time travel mechanism that brings the consciousness of our protagonist to the future of 2110, is never explained. This is a problem when the novel focuses on it towards the end.

I confess I have never seen Freejack, and based on the reviews, probably never will. Sheckley gained a reputation for writing humorous science fiction, and there are hints of that here. I look forward to reading more.