Rendezvous with Rama

Arthur C. Clarke
Rendezvous with Rama Cover

Rendezvous with Rama


One of the first sf novels I read as a kid. 2018 reread in honor of ?Oumuamua. Much like The Martian, each chapter deals with a new mystery or problem. Scant character development but loads of hard science fiction - no wormholes or instant communication here.

Unlike Star Trek or Star Wars, the hard SF aspect put the story in reach of us - this is the sort of space exploration we were likely to see in our lifetime. The crew is not hand-picked, the exploration ship is not designed for this - but that only adds to the urgency of this tale. Each new puzzle or problem keeps the pages turning right to the end.

This novel won the Nebula, Campbell, Hugo, BSFA and Locus in it's day, and has been added to every list of influential or top rated books since. From Alien to Interstellar, its impact can be felt on Hollywood science fiction as well. 45 years after initial publication, it doesn't feel at all dated. Highly recommended!