The Prestige

Christopher Priest
The Prestige Cover

The Prestige


I was first introduced to the book by seeing the movie. I found the movie to be creative and did not see the twist ending coming. I was thrilled that this was a book, and put on the long (long, long, God it's so long) TBR list. And then promptly forgot it.

Fast forward to 2017, and I stumble across a copy of the story. It was time to read the book and remove at least one more book from my TBR list.

Because I had seen the movie, the twist in the story was not the surprise it should have been. That was ok though, because the movie ended at the twist but the book has So. Much. More.

I get to say something about this book I don't think I have ever said in a review. The book and the movie are both great, even though they are essentially radically different. Read the book. Watch the movie. Hell, do both. You won't be disappointed.