All the Colors of Darkness

Lloyd Biggle, Jr.
All the Colors of Darkness Cover

All the Colors of Darkness


This novel harkens back to the early 1960's. The future that All The Colors of Darkness has to tell us is the year 1986, when a company called Universal Transmitting Company discovers instantaneous transportation from one locale to another. By walking into the transmitting machine a person will instantaneously be transmitted to a destination that has a receiving machine. Just as this company is about to transform the transportation industry, they are beset by sabotage and mysterious people that are transmitting out, but not being received. The company hires a detective, Jan Darzek, to look into this matter before it becomes headline news and destroying the company before they can make their march to the forefront.

Jan, discovers that the people that have "disappeared" were in fact the same people over and over, using elaborate disguises and false identifications.

As he follows one of these mysterious persons down the transmitter's walkway, he dives in at the same time the person goes through, only to find himself on the moon, and the person he followed is more than a person wearing a disguise. He finds himself confronting a small group of aliens bent on stopping mankind's discovery of transmitting matter instantaneously, as that is the first step to interstellar travel, and they have determined that mankind is too immature to join the galactic community.

That is the premise of the novel. It is well written with almost a light comedic touch and does present some interesting thought. It is a fast and enjoyable read. If you enjoy vintage science fiction that doesn't require a master's degree, only the willingness to get lost into the world of the story, then you'll enjoy this one.