The End of the Day

Claire North
The End of the Day Cover

The End of the Day


Extremely disappointing

This is the story of a man who takes a position as the Harbinger of Death, paying visits to selected people immediately before the appearance of his boss (Death) and their demise.

I loved The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, Touch, The Sudden Appearance of Hope, and the Gameshouse Trilogy — so I was really expecting to love this one, too.

But after reading more than 100 pages (> 25%), I put it down, because there are too many other books I am looking forward to reading right now to spend time on one that I'm not really enjoying. I'll still be picking up her next book, but I can't recommend this one.

If you're a Claire North fan, or enjoy what is considered to be "literary" speculative fiction, you might enjoy this.